3 Most Unhealthy Christmas Foods

Why They’ll Make Your Metabolism Cry

Gaining a few pounds over the holidays is as traditional as placing presents under the tree. But this doesn’t have to be the end. Are you willing to put the work into making your holidays happy AND healthy? If you want to learn how to lose weight fast during the holidays, just take a look at the worst of the worst and a simple resolution to avoid them.

1 – FRUITCAKE and Other Rich, Germanic BREADS

While exact recipes have some considerable variation, there are general common themes that tend to spell bad things for one’s fat tissue levels. These breads are incredibly dense by default, but they’re also crammed full of additives that have had all the nutrition cooked right out of them. Marzipan, sugar, and other fattening products are added on top. Even the ‘traditional’ recipes aren’t safe, as they often add to the sheer density of the food by soaking it in liquids like brandy.


Your standard cheese is far from healthy, of course. But the cheese log you’ll find in most stores is one of the least natural and most fattening. Empty carbs like olives and diced peppers further pad out a log that is mostly, by and large, made of heavily processed cheese and cream cheese. But most of the flavoring and coloring is entirely artificial! You can create a marginally healthier cheese log at home, but the bulk of the ingredients will still be fat, and you’ll still be eating that log with sausage and crackers – more carbs you probably don’t need.


Such a fixture of the winter season that you may overlook this beverage altogether, it’s actually probably the worst thing you can drink! With eggs, cream, sugar, and liquors, the body of the drink consists of just about everything that’s bad for you that it’s possible to convert to liquid form. Chocolate shavings or whipped cream for a topping won’t help, either. Commercial varieties in particular often contain more sugar than you’d even think necessary. Stick with homemade versions over store bought if you choose to indulge!

On a final more general note, always pay close attention to the sugar and butter used in traditional holiday dishes and beverages. You can get away with reducing the amounts significantly if you make your own, but the products you’ll find on the shelves won’t bother with even the usual pretense of health. After all, no one expects holiday food to be healthy… but it’s still up to you to try, if you care about your body!

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