Weight Loss Problems, There Is Something In Your Body And Food That Is Making You Fat!

Weight Loss Problems, There Is Something In Your Body And Food That Is Making You Fat!

Weight Loss Problems, Why Is It That We Have A 21st Century Medicine System And The Greatest Resources Available To Anyone, But People Are Just Getting Fatter And More And More Unhealthy?

Japan refuses U.S. Food Imports due to contaminated U.S. Foods

Japan has been refusing to accept meat & dairy produce exported from the United States due to ‘unacceptable contamination’ found in these food types.

So, What is wrong with our food supply?

Have you ever asked yourself the following question?

‘Why is it that we have a 21st century medicine system and the greatest resources available to anyone on this planet, but people are just getting fatter and more and more unhealthy?’

Most people are not ready to accept the possibility that someone or something is poisoning their children, mom, dad, their brothers, their sisters, their closest friends, themselves and you!

Are You Too Fat? Obesity; It’s not your fault, is it?

A Doctor in Arizona caught onto a possible cause for our obesity crisis back in 2001. She and others were performing significant research and exploration in the medical field concerning the human colon and how our digestive system works in harmony with nutritional absorption.[ad#Diet 200×200]

Some of those findings indicated that plaques and rapidly reproducing digestive parasites were present in extremely obese patients.

Their research accurately determined a definitive correlation between harmful plague and parasitic infestations of the human bowel tract, and people suffering chronic obesity. These same individuals had tried intense diets and exercise; neither resulting in the permanent lose of any weight whatsoever.

This Doctor began doing independent studies just to test things at first, but later she expanded on them after seeing some fantastic results.

What is the issue concerning plagues and parasites?

The main concern over those dangerous parasites living inside the digestive system is the excreted chemicals (waste products) that travel to your brain and tell your “hypothalamus” to store more and more fat for those parasites to eat!

In other words, these parasites are turning you into a giant ‘food factory’ for them to eat! Even your bladder is not safe from these harmful parasites which can lay many tens of thousands of eggs.

Those sugar filled foods you love to eat and drink aren’t the only ones who are addicted, parasites love sugars too!

What is the common solution for excess body weight today?

We are continuously seeing new diet foods, magic diets, diet fads, health foods & even drugs which are supposedly designed to make you lose weight.

Yet people are nevertheless getting fatter and less healthy every year. Your friends are complaining that they have been starving themselves to death, yet they are still having trouble losing weight and keeping it off!

Fortunately a cure was developed.

This same Doctor borrowed from her research on the severely obese, and applied those same strategies on milder cases of overweight persons. She observed the same effectiveness and quality results as the severely obese patients (although the individual weight loss wasn’t nearly as much as those obese patients’ 100 lbs to 200 lbs).

She observed radical changes in her patients health such as reversal in diabetes and elimination of illness altogether in people suffering from cancer (those linked directly to poor diet and overweight factors), as well as an elimination of an entire spectrum of serious and otherwise life-threatening diseases.

Whether suffering from just a few extra pounds, to those extremely fat and overweight, real benefits were observed when the plagues and parasites were removed using the techniques she applied to her severely overweight patients.

The Cure for Weight Loss is simple and effective.

Fortunately there was nothing unnatural involved, no major actions or modifications to a patient’s life style were required. Her treatment is based completely on built-into-nature ‘protection agents’ scattered throughout the world in the form of specific herbs, extracts, and organic constituents, which are found in a variety of plant species.

When combined in specific combinations and carefully chosen amounts, they make for a solution to what is perhaps the world’s worst ever plague: Obesity (and the illnesses and diseases resulting from it, or at least severely aggravated or exacerbated by it).

She has released her solution to the world in the form of a book that she has written that is a very easy read. Her solutions have been quickly understood and mastered by those who have purchased and read her book.

You to can learn for yourself the cause for weight gain and achieve the successes others are now having with this incredible breakthrough. You to can experience massive weight loss and improved health by applying the simple solutions she has discovered. For now at least, but that is another story you will have to read our site.

Perhaps the Japanese were correct in refusing to import the U.S. contaminated Meat and Dairy Products.

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