Calorie Shifting, Why the Shifting Calorie Diet Works!

calorie changingCalorie shifting is one of the biggest things going right now.

A new and unique diet method that’s hitting the United States is called calorie shifting. Not only is this a weight loss diet that’s loved by the people that use it, but its also highly revered by doctors and psychologists.

It’s actually been used for quite a long time by athletes, but a new spin on it is allowing regular dieters in their weight loss program to help lose tons of weight.

The reason that this is so popular is because the calorie shifting doesn’t provide just short term weight loss. The calorie shifting is essentially switching up your calories from one day to another. People don’t have to go hungry or stop eating, they simply need to change up their calorie intakes.

People also keep the weight off when they use calorie shifting. See, when people eat low calorie diets, their bodies adhere to low calorie and get used to it. When people get off the low calorie diets and start eating more, they immediately gain the weight back.

Calorie shifting is a weight loss diet strategy that is designed to combat the natural slowdown that occurs in your metabolism whenever you are restricting your calorie intake during most weight loss diets.

With calorie shifting, your body never adjusted to anything, it won’t matter what the dieter eats as long as you eat within reason. The calorie shifting diet plan is based on the premise that you can manipulate your body’s metabolism at will – simply by shifting calories you eat from meal to meal of several days.

The Shifting Calories Diet even gives you 3 “cheat days” every 11 days, where you can just eat almost any food your heart desires. Sweet!

If you are having discipline problems, this type of weight loss diet plan might be for you.

Another important point in this diet is that since people continue to change what they eat, they don’t have to get bored, as people often do on other more restrictive diets. The calorie shifting is much easier to stick to than most other diets, and it’s why the diet has a much larger retention rate than many of the other diets.

Another big plus for this weight loss diet plan is that there is No expensive pre-packed foods and supplements to buy. This is a big money saver.

People actually enjoy calorie shifting. If you haven’t tried calorie shifting in your weight loss history, now’s the time.

You need to establish what kinds of foods you can eat and how many calories are in each of your servings.

There are countless online sources for helping you choose the right foods or you can find out more on Rachel’s website. Your calorie shifting program really DEPENDS on you eating the right foods.

To do that you need to count your calories.

So, Why would you be interesting in some crazy idea of shifting your calories around every few meals?

How about if you choose not to begin using this or any other diet plan and you keep eating your same meals the same way. Answer, you will then be stuck with the SAME BODY forever. Wouldn’t that just Suck!

The main idea of the Calorie Shifting program is to reprogram your metabolism and get you to your maximum fat burning potential for the longer period of time.