She Had To Eat The Whole Cake So She Wouldn’t Be Embarrassed!

I'm a fat arse myself. At the time of this story I weighed around 100kg, over the next few years my weight slowly went up to 139kg/306lb and finally started to eat better and lose weight in December of 2017.

I'm down to 102kg/225lb now and aim to lose another 40kg.

I was never into fat logic, I just loved junk food more than being slim and healthy until recently.

Then there is my coworker. I don't even know what her weight was.

Look, I was fat enough to need the 2XL shirts and 3XL pants. She got the biggest golf-style shirts available from the company that supplied our uniforms which was 5XL and still had to go to her seamstress to add two 25cm panels of fabric to them and enlarge the sleeves to make them fit. Her pants and skirts she also had to get specially made.

I worked with her occasionally when her usual donor attendant was off duty (she is a phlebotomist at a blood donor clinic). We were part of the national blood services and had several donor clinics spread around a cluster of smaller towns and all the blood we collected went to the big testing and processing labs at head office. She worked as the sole phlebotomist with a single donor attendant at the smallest clinic in our cluster.

Now she was on a diet together with her husband. They would have oats or muesli together in the morning, he would pack a salad for lunch and they would have grilled fish/chicken and veggies for dinner together. She was just baffled you guys, because her husband was losing weight but she wasn't and she just couldn't understand why.

I understood why after the first time I worked with her.

My coworker and I arrive at work and the first thing she does after opening the doors is go and eat 3 packets of instant oats mixed with sugar and condensed milk because "I'm staaarving! That little bit of muesli couldn't keep a hamster alive!".

This sustained her until lunch when she got a family sized meat supreme pizza from the little takeaway down the road which comes loaded with every single meat they have and is nearly 5cm/2 inches thick.

Other days I worked with her when she didn't feel like pizza, she would have 2 burger combos with 2 boxes of chips and 2 large soft drink or 3 toasted sandwich combos with the same sides instead.

Afternoon tea would be a family sized bag of crisps and/or doughnuts, cake, etc.

Then she would go home and eat dinner with her husband while lamenting her lack of weight loss.

The title of this story happened one day when I was unlucky enough to come into work and be told her attendant was booked off sick and I had to drive there and work with her.

She went through her usual 2nd breakfast and lunch and then went to the bakery to buy a huge carrot and pineapple cake because they were having guests for dinner.

She couldn't stand being around that cake without actually having any. I think it took all of 10 minutes before she broke.

HER: "I really want a piece of cake. Do you think anyone will notice it if I cut a little piece to eat? I'll slice the rest of the cake at home and set it out on a platter and it won't look like any is missing."
ME: "I don't know. I'm sure it wouldn't really be noticeable. Whatever you want to do, it's your cake."
HER: (after eating a piece)" I think I'll have just one more tiny bit."
HER: (after 2nd piece) "do you think they'll notice there's some cake missing now that I had that second piece?"
ME: "Um. Maybe."
HER: "I'd be so embarrassed if they noticed!"
ME: "I guess it would be embarrassing..."
HER: "I'll just eat the rest of this cake now and buy another one when I get home!"
ME: (WTF face) "ok..."

She did. I couldn't believe it. I was a hambeast and I truly couldn't fathom how the hell she could pack away such a huge volume of food.

P.S. She saw me on facebook recently and messaged me to chat. She told me I'm too skinny (No. I'm still a ham) and mustn't starve myself. Weight loss surgery is a scam because she had it and hasn't lost weight. By the way, have I heard of Herbalife? She's become a rep and would love to chat about it with me.

P.P.S. I'm so sorry this turned into such a long story. Please go get on a good weight loss program and eat right.