What’s for Lunch? Your Choice!

what's for lunch, your choice

When you are looking for a nutritious meal on the go, fast food restaurants can be a minefield of less healthy, high-calorie choices.

If your looking to lose that unwanted fat that seems to keep finding it's way on to your body, look no further then to your lunch choices.

If you are looking for a quick taste meal, that is fast (you only have so much time, right!).

It needs to be fast, simple & TASTES GREAT!

Who wouldn't pick that Iced Coffee Frappe? It has been my choice a few too many times!

But, really... let's get real.

Do you want to lose weight or keep getting fatter?

Your Choice!

1 Iced Coffee Frappe: 500 calories


1 Whole Grain Turkey Sandwich
1 Side Salad
1 Banana
1 Fruit Yogurt
1 cup Berries
     500 calories