Weight Loss Plateau, Dirty Trick that Beat the Fat Loss Plateau

exercise plateauA Few Simple Dirty Tricks To Get You Past That Fat Loss Plateau.

So, What is the Weight Loss Plateau Dirty Trick that can Beat that?

Fat Loss Plateau?

I once had a training partner that would put more weight on the bar than I expected. For example, if I planned to do 200 lbs for 8 reps, he would sneak on 210.

And the thing is, I often ended up doing it just as easily as I expected to do 200.

The point to his dirty trick?

He knew I was stronger than I let my mind believe.

(Note: Don’t try this at home. He was also spotting me during each repetition.)

But how can you benefit from this dirty trick?

2 ways.

  1. Change your mindset and self-image.If you are stuck at a fat loss plateau and keep telling yourself you are meant to be fat, then guess what? You’ll never win.Instead, tell yourself you are meant to lose the fat. And believe it when you say it! Picture yourself with a better body. Picture yourself buying clothes for your new, better body.Here’s a great example of a fat burning mindset shift mentioned by SteveH on the member’s forum…

    “Yesterday’s eating went well. I even resisted a plate of fries and didn’t order the burger I was wanting. I used the mindset that Craig mentioned” – “I am a healthy person. Healthy people don’t eat Burgers and Fries”. So I got a turkey sandwich with steamed veggies.”

    Having a strong, positive thinking attitude will put you on the road to success.

  2. Break a new record in the gym each workout.Your body won’t change if you aren’t improving. My friend’s dirty trick ensured that I was always doing more each workout, and therefore, always making gains.So for your fat loss workout, pick one area you can improve on each workout. Whether it’s one more pushup, a faster interval, or 5 more pounds on an exercise, break a record and you’ll bust your plateau.

Train for performance, and the fat burning will follow.