How Not to use a Squat Rack and the Best Way to Use a Squat Rack

If you’re not gonna squat, get out of the squat rack!

Has this ever happened to you? You hit the gym early in the morning, all pumped up for a great session. It’s leg day and you know what that means, so you put your serious face on and trudge into the gym. Only to find that some 16 year old pipsqueak is standing in the squat rack doing bicep curls!

I’ve got nothing against 16 year old kids in the gym, trying to improve their bodies. I used to be one of them myself, once upon a time. What I do hate is when those kids spend their time in the squat racks, doing bicep curls. They’re called squat racks for a reason people.

And it’s not just the young guys, oh no, this is a far bigger problem. People of all ages think it’s fantastic to use the squat rack to do bicep curls. Is it because you can leave the barbell on the supports so you don’t have to actually bend down to pick the bar up? Probably.

Best Way to Use a Squat Rack

If you’re one of these people, stop doing it. This is what you need to be doing instead. Head into the squat rack and load up a bar with a good weight for you. Get under the bar and then start squatting. I guarantee if you only made this change to your workouts, you would see startling results.

At my local gym, I love it that no one squats. Apart from those idiots who do their bicep curls in it, I pretty much have it all to myself. But when I’m trying to be nice (And that’s not very often) and actually help people out, I tell people squatting is a must. It’s such a powerful exercise, you would literally be a moron to not do it.

The thing that holds people back is pain. I won’t sugar coat it. The squat, when done correctly, takes a lot of effort and a fair bit of discomfort. But it’s this pain and discomfort that forces your body to grow, so unless you can get out of your comfort zone and push through the pain barrier, you’re going to be in trouble.

So I hope you now realize what you need to be doing. If you are one of those pesky guys doing bicep curls in the squat rack, stop immediately. Quite simply, if you don’t squat, you’re really holding yourself back. So go and do it!

The Muscle head is a natural bodybuilder and the author of the brutally honest and revealing book “The Muscle heads Guide to a Godlike Physique”. For more hard hitting information on how to get the body of your dreams, Go Here to now How to Build Bigger Biceps.