How to Lose Weight Fast using the Zumba Workout, Step by Step Beginners Exercises

Exercise is boring, yup I said it.
Boring, boring & a whole lot of more boring.

the Zumba Weight Loss Dance

If you need something to get you motivated to exercise and lose weight then try 'ZUMBA'.

Here is an exercise program that most women just love to jump into because it's fun.

No more boring exercise bikes and treadmills, just crank up the volume on some fun Latin American sounds and move that body.

If you practice Zumba you won't need any excuse not to exercise.

Here are a few of the benefits of Zumba, plus a step by step beginners exercise video for you to practice with before you sign up for a class at a gym near you.

(nobody likes walking into an exercise class and be completely clueless)

Zumba classes are a great way to burn calories and fat, they keep you moving at a fast pace and your moving your whole body not just your legs when your are just walking.

Zumba will help you increase your balance and flexibility which is something we all never get enough of in our lives.

Zumba will improve your rhythm and coordination which is something we seem to happen as we get older and out of shape.

Zumba is a great starter exercise program to help prepare your body for harder aerobic activity like interval training.

Zumba moves are specifically designed to make certain muscles move repeatedly, thus toning them without you even noticing.

Zumba is an intense and fun exercise program, between the music and body movement your body will secrete serotonin, the happy hormone that makes you feel better.

Zumba will increase your confidence. Gym classes usually have a mirror in front, so if you attend Zumba classes you'll get to see how your body looks like when you're dancing.

Those of us who are a little scared of their lack of dancing skills, will gradually gain confidence and improve in just a few Zumba sessions.

After a few classes you will begin to lower your inhibitions and experience better coordination, which will improve your self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself.

These changes will affect your mood positively and will help you get rid of some of that stress.

Zumba has both aerobic and anaerobic benefits.

The music that plays in Zumba classes will be around 145 beats per minute, a fast pace that allows to move around naturally and quickly. Because of this, Zumba is perfect if you're trying to build endurance.

You can practice in almost anywhere and don't need any equipment. You can choose to go to a gym to participate in a Zumba class or do it at home with a video. (got one below for you)

The intensity of a Zumba class is scalable, you move at your own level to the beat of the music, so if at any point you feel you can't follow the moves of the instructor, you can always reduce your intensity which makes it great for any age and fitness level.

Zumba will boost your confidence and mood when practiced regularly and will make you feel much better with yourself, not only on the outside but also on the inside.