4 Bad Foods If You Have A Low Thyroid

If you’ve got a low thyroid efficiency level and you don’t fit the typical groups for such victims, then you may very well wonder why low thyroid dietyou’re so unlucky. But it may not be simple luck; sometimes it’s all about what you eat.

Were you aware that while some foods can help your thyroid performance, others can do the exact opposite and hamper it right up to causing thyroid nodules?

These thyroid disease promoting foods are simple enough to avoid. But you have to know what to look out for with food-based bad thyroid symptoms in women and men, and the types of bad thyroid foods out there are surprisingly varied.

We’ve done all the research so you don’t have to, though, and a quick scan over this list will keep you on the right track and away from the bad stuff.

It’s important to remember that this is strictly concerning food. If you’re using nutritional supplements or medications, then those could also be at fault. Your doctor will be able to tell you if such is the case with your particular kind of hypothyroidism.

Low Thyroid Diet Foods To Avoid

1. Soy is one of the main offenders. You see it in so many forms that you may just stop thinking of it as anything but a neutral, unavoidable element. However, whether it’s in a heavily concentrated form or in a more diffused one, soy can often aggravate pre-existing thyroid problems. So make sure your vegetarian diet isn’t a low thyroid diet too!

2. Goitrogenic foods, primarily vegetables, can also be problematic. These foods can cause hypothyroidism even in those who don’t suffer from it already, and are even more damaging when ingested raw. Such vegetables include cruciferous types like cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, and even turnips and radishes. That may sound like a lot to avoid, but fortunately there are many suitable ingredient substitutes for most of these.

3. Even dairy products, yes, reliable dairy, can be a source of anti-thyroid problems! The culprit is the protein, casein, found in milk and milk-based products, as well as certain hormones and sometimes even antibiotics. Thankfully they tend to be less severe than the other bad foods in this list, so you usually don’t have to avoid milk altogether – just be careful to portion it suitably.

4. Sugar is a reliable foe to those interested in bodily health in most areas, and the thyroid isn’t any different. It’s probable that you already know if you have a heightened susceptibility to sugar, especially in its processed form. This is because many of the undesired side effects can be drastic enough to be hard to miss. But if you’re only recently experiencing thyroid issues, consider lowering your sweets intake.

Keep those four enemies of a healthy thyroid gland on your watch list! By carefully regulating your intake of these foods, you may be able to fix your little low thyroid problem without having to even bother with medication. And isn’t that what we’d all like to accomplish with our physical ailments?

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