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Gratitude, The Gateway to Weight Loss is Gratitude | Affirmations

Gratitude, One Of The Keys To Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals Is By Bringing Gratefulness To Your Everyday Situation, No Matter What Your Weight Might Be. Develop this Attitude.

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Affirmation – Gratitude and Weight Loss.

One way to support weight loss is by developing the Art of Gratitude. One of the keys to achieving your weight loss goals is by bringing gratefulness to your everyday situation, no matter what your weight might be.

Gratitude does not mean that you must take pleasure at whatever occurs in your life.

No, first you need to fret, complain and get angry. Then, and only then, do you have the opportunity to say, “Yes. I am willing to experience this. I am willing for this to be a lesson for me.”

One way to kindle gratitude is to practice paying attention to what is happening in your everyday physical reality. When you live in the present moment, life is not hard. Do not spend so much time with your mental rants concerning the past or future. Focus on your present moment.

The groundwork for affirmations is to stay in the present moment. To affirm is to literally make firm. You do this by observing what is before you and allowing it to be there just as it is. Accept it for what it is and be grateful that you can so reality for what it is and to learn from that moment.

It will be impossible to experience lasting weight loss if you are unable to accurately interpret your present reality.

Gratitude Imaginative Affirmations.

Imaginative affirmation is not wishful thinking or offering incantations to the Gods.

It is the straightforward process of shifting the way you observe the events in your life and imbuing them with gratitude and then re-framing them to assist you achieve your goals.

The first way to use an affirmation is to note and welcome your present situation. This is sometimes difficult, because the deepest lessons do not appear beneficial at your first glimpse.

To discover that you have unhealthy weight issues seems more like a closing than an opening moment. It feels terrible.

This experience of first acknowledging, and then being open to learn a difficult lesson allows you to experience life without debilitating emotional trauma.


The practice of gratitude can be a potent tool for recreating your life. You can habitually experience happiness, joy, and contentment.

Gratitude is simply a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for all that is.

Grateful thoughts align your heart, mind, and soul.

We all have the ability to make our lives even richer and more positive by noticing daily events, appreciating the benefits we receive, and being mindful of surprises.

You have the power to control whether your thoughts will be positive and focused on what is going well in your life or negative and focused on what is not going well.

Having much to be thankful for does not diminish the certainty of sadness, disappointment, or discouragement, or the need to feel those feelings at times.

You can deliberately re-frame painful and disappointing events in your life as opportunities for growth and learning, and deliberately look for the silver linings and areas to change in your life.

Gratitude, How to Start!

Begin to notice if your words and thoughts are full of complaints about what is lacking in your life. It is a habit of mind!

You must believe you can lose weight and the most successful people believe they can lose weight. A technique to reinforce your belief is gratitude and Jeff tells us why gratitude is the key to everything.


“Why Gratitude is the Key to Getting Anything You Want”
– by Jeff Staniforth

When it comes to worldly affairs, the saying, “Seeing is believing” reigns supreme.

When you see someone accomplish something, you start to believe in that person’s ability. If a product delivers what it promises, you then believe that it works. When you see a “formula” yield positive results, you begin to believe in it.

Evidence is essential in order for people to believe. This has led to the saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” The proof is in the pudding.

But in spiritual affairs, the opposite is true. “Believing is seeing.” If you believe first, you will see that thing that you believe in manifest itself in front of your very eyes. That’s a testament to the awesome power of belief. This has led to another saying: “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

However, for most people, believing is the problem.

That’s why most people who lack conviction when they recite affirmations, for instance, are missing the secret ingredient that’s necessary to materialize their dreams.

If you’ve ever encountered some internal resistance when you first read or speak a positive affirmation, that’s an indication that you do not really believe what you’re saying. For example, how can you really believe the affirmation, “I am perfectly healthy in body, mind and spirit” when outer appearances point to the contrary (e.g., you’re sick or in pain)?

An important part of believing is to feel “as if it has already happened.” I have found that one of the best ways to evoke that feeling is to express gratitude after you recite an affirmation.

Just saying the words, “Thank you” after you state your affirmation reinforces the belief that the universe (or God, or your Creator, or whatever name you call the Supreme Being) has already set about the fulfillment of your desire. You may not see your affirmed desire fully manifested yet at the present time, but expressing thanks makes you believe that what you’ve asked for is already done. Thereafter, you have a sense of expectancy that what you desire will eventually come to fruition.

If there was ever a “formula” for manifesting desires, this is it. Ancient spiritual manuscripts, including the Bible, emphasize that a single-minded belief is essential in receiving what you ask for. They also warn against double-mindedness. Know with absolute and unwavering certainty that what you are affirming is already yours. “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. ” So believe that it’s already done by simply saying “Thank you” or assuming an attitude of gratitude after affirming what you want. I once heard a wonderful quotation from an anonymous author that says it profoundly:

“We can start with who we are and what we have today, apply gratitude, then let it work it’s magic. Say thank you, until you mean it. If you say it long enough, you will believe it. Today will shine the transforming light of gratitude on all the circumstances of my life.”

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