Beat Food Addictions In 4 Easy Steps

Dr Oz gave some advice on overcoming food addictions. I thought it was a good article, but wanted to elaborate on it .
You know as well as I know that most people “crave some type of food”.  For me, it’s sweets, (especially ice cream… yum :-) ) or Pizza…. ( I must be Italian at heart ) Something about those high fat, carb loaded foods that send you into insulin shock afterwards.

One reason why it is so satisfying to you is the fact that sugar triggers your brain’s natural opioids… which basically is similiar to how your brain gets addicted to heroin or morphine.  (Crazy, right?)

What The Scientific Studies Show About Overcoming Food Addictions

Of course, this is a very interesting subject so scientists study this hard core. Here’s what they are now finding…

Refined Sugar (White sugar) is a more addictive substance than cocaine. Cocaine used to be titled the most addictive substance known to man. Well, how did they find this out?

In one study, they took a group of rats and gave them a choice between sugar water or cocaine. You can guess what the majority chose… Sugar water! An astonishing 94% chose the sugar water. Even rats that were previously addicted to cocaine, when given the choice between sugar water and cocaine chose the sugar water.

No wonder most diets don’t work! These type of foods are so addicting, people literally give up just to give in to their addiction.

4 Easy Steps To Combat Food Addictions according to Dr Oz

Step 1: Replace eating grains and things with flour in it with broccoli or cauliflower for one week and make sure to load up on garlic, chives and leeks. These all help with detoxing your liver which is the first step in getting rid of addictions.

Step 2: During withdrawal, take a Vitamin B Complex and 1,000 mg a day of Chromium Picolinate.

Step 3: Eat meat in a 4:1 ratio, limiting it to a quarter of your protein intake. Add some leafy greens and citrus fruits.

Step 4: Take care of your emotional food cravings.  Most emotional food cravings happen instantly instead of gradual physical hunger.

how to get rid of food addictions” is already built into the “FAT_LOSS_FACTOR” diet portion of our program including these 4 tips that Dr Oz mentions. If followed, you won’t have any problem overcoming food addictions for the rest of your life.