How to Lose Weight Quickly | Body of Your Dream

How to Lose Weight Quickly | Body of Your Dream

How To Lose Weight Quickly How To Lose Weight Quickly A 4 Part Audio Class Presenting A Step By Step Scientifically Proven Ways For You To Burn Fat, Build Muscle And Sculpt A Healthy, Lean Body

Body of Your Dreams MP3 Audio Tele-seminar

‘The Body of Your Dreams MP3 Audio Tele-seminar’,

Author, and Master Bodybuilder Tom Venuto has put on a four part LIVE telephone-conference in which he totally spilled the beans, debunked all the weight loss and muscle building myths and B.S, to showed you a proven strategy for rapidly transforming your body, burning fat, and building muscle, to help you How To lose weight quickly and create the body you know you deserve. The tele-classes have been professionally audio recorded and transcribed.

image of tom venuto body of your dreamsWhat he shared was that when it comes down to creating a massive transformation in your body, your inner power is most important. NOT the information you have.

The reason why most people drop the ball, and don’t achieve their goals with their body is because they don’t have the tools they need to create unstoppable drive and die hard persistence. Procrastination and doubt creeps up with them, and stops them cold in their tracks.

Tom gave away some insider secrets that every successful body-builder or fitness coach knows: This happens for a very obvious reason, to almost everyone. And it’s simply because of your subconscious programming.

Feel a new found confidence and determination

image of body of your dream You’ll learn:

How To Lose Weight Quickly

  1. Why most people who try to gain muscle, gain more FAT than muscle, because they don’t know one simple nutrition principle. You’ll learn how to avoid this common pitfall.
  2. How to gain muscle even if you think you’re limited by your “body type”, your genetics, or gender.
  3. The most important key to gaining muscle. If you get nothing out of this audio but this part, you’re guaranteed to build muscle effectively.
  4. The two “must-do” habits of muscle gaining that will maximize your results.
  5. How to overcome plateaus (slow or no results) in your training by understanding the laws of adaptation and muscle confusion.
  6. What are the most effective exercises guaranteed to help you gain muscle?
  7. What is the best set and repetition scheme for building muscle?
  8. Muscle building supplements: This was a real SHOCKER for everyone listening who was used to reading popular fitness and body building magazines because there is only ONE muscle building supplement that Tom recommends.
  9. The secret of “nutrient timing” – Adding this one element to your training can make the difference between no results and success.

This Tele-seminar is a must listen too if you desire to lose weight and maintain your diet program.

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