Busting Breakfast Blunders

breakfastWhen initially transitioning to a Paleo lifestyle, most people have numerous questions regarding what to eat for breakfast.

If you’ve been eating cereal, milk, and toast every day of your life, it’s time to change your thinking and habits.

A variety of meats and seafood, vegetables, and fruits, should be on your menu as you make healthy food choices every morning.

Organic free range eggs paired with fresh seasonal fruits work quite well as you begin your day with Paleo foods.

After you’ve adjusted to the menu changes, start changing up your proteins with meats and seafood! While these foods may at first sound unappetizing for the morning, you will find that you will quickly adapt and begin seeking out this great form of protein on a daily basis.

Before long, you will be starting your day with eggs, meat, and fish paired with fruits and vegetables and enjoying every morsel, laughing at how you once found these foods to be unpalatable at this time of the day.

Morning routines can also be some of the busiest and most challenging times of the day for the Paleo dieter.

If you work a 9-5 day and find yourself with limited time to rise and shine, shower, dress, and groom yourself, along with families to care for as well, how can you find the time to prepare breakfast for yourself and your loved ones?

The most successful method we’ve found is to make planning ahead part of your new lifestyle.

For dinner, we often make twice as much food as we will consume, saving the leftovers for the next morning’s breakfast. A slice of leftover halibut or a piece of free-range chicken with a side of fresh fruit, is quick and easy. You will find that starting your day this way will leave you with even energy throughout the morning and keep you from feeling ravenous hours before your lunch hour.

Of course, if you are an egg lover, there are a variety of ways to prepare eggs that are surprisingly easy and quick. But, if you really can’t get to the kitchen and are in the habit of bringing breakfast along to the office, try packing a couple of hard boiled eggs and fruit the evening before so you can grab it and go.

However you choose to start your morning, making Paleo foods a part of every morning will kickstart your day and leave you feeling full of energy and ready for whatever the day has in store for you.

In a very short time, you’ll find you don’t miss the traditional breakfast foods of cereal, milk, toast, and pastries and will most likely wonder how you ever got through the work or school hours when they were a regular part of your day.

We wish all of our new followers success and vitality as you start each new day with a delicious Paleo menu!

All the Best,

Lorrie Cordain, M.Ed., Co-Author of The Paleo Diet Cookbook