Weight Loss Audio | Video Weight Loss Resources

Weight Loss Audio | Video Weight Loss Resources

Weight Loss Audio Resources To Help You Lose Weight Permanently.

Weight Loss Audio | Video

Weight Loss Audio and Video information designed to help you Lose Weight Permanently.

Sometimes you just need to hear and see what is being presented. In this section you will find information related to weight loss that is available in Audio (cd’s, mp3, wave, itunes) and Video formats.

Whether you’re searching for audio & video programs, other types of software, you will find it included here.

Lose Weight and Maintain your Diet Program.

Body of Your Dreams MP3 Audio Tele-seminar.

Body of Your Dreams – Tom Venuto

Working Out in the Pool

Pool Workout suggestions while on a trip to New Zealand. This was filmed in Auckland, while visiting an old buddy who works for Cirque du Soleil.

Hotel Room Workout

This one was done in a budget hotel room in Australia on the same trip, just before I went and walked 30 km around the beautiful city of Sydney.

Killer Home Chest Workout

There are plenty of Chest Workouts you can perform at home, here are a few basic exercises.

weight loss at living well

WEIGHT LOSS is a positive affirmation self-talk audio CD. Spoken affirmations can be heard over backgrounds of music, sounds of nature and silence. Listen for a few minutes a day and enjoy a positive transformation in attitude and determination for your weight loss program. All self-talk programs from Living Well Tools are guaranteed. Approximately 60 minutes. MindTalk Software included. Free US Shipping. Delivery within 12 days worldwide.

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Session Demonstration by Steve Jones

Hypnosis Hypnotherapy for Hypnotic Exercise

Exercise Hypnosis

Exercise Hypnosis Part II

Poodle Exercise with Humans

This is for those Sick Twisted Freaks out there.