They Told You It Was Impossible To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time, They Were Wrong!

They Told You It Was Impossible To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time… They Were Wrong!

New Breakthrough In “Cyclical Dieting” And
“Nutrient Timing” Flips Your Metabolic and Hormonal Switches, Allowing You To Burn Fat and Build Muscle At The Same Time, Without Dangerous Drugs…
Even If You Don’t Have Fitness Model Genetics

I’m going to give you a crucial advantage over 99% of other dieters and muscle-seekers. Some might even say this is an “unfair advantage” because so few people know about it.

The problem is, almost all dieters and fat loss seekers are perpetually frustrated because they burn off precious muscle when they lose fat.

Athletes and bodybuilders get equally flustered about gaining too much fat when they gain muscle.

You’re about to get access to insider information that has been allowing a small group of men and women “in the know” to gain muscle without adding an ounce of fat… to lose fat without losing muscle… and even to achieve the “holy grail” of body transformation goals…

Gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time!

Almost everyone has heard about The Biggest Loser – the weight loss contest on TV where obese people drop ridiculous amounts of body weight – insane amounts like 15 or 20 lbs in a week, and up to 150 or 200 lbs by the time the show is over.

Weight loss contests, especially the Biggest Loser, have become extremely popular and many people say they get incredibly inspired and motivated watching these huge weight losses take place right before their eyes.

I agree whole-heartedly that fitness contests can be a powerful motivational catalyst. But I also believe that there are some fatal flaws in contests that encourage rapid “weight loss.” That’s why I finally decided to host my own body transformation contest – the “Burn The Fat Body Transformation Challenge”…

Our fitness contest was different because it was a body composition transformation contest – not just a “weight loss” contest.

If you’re not hip to what “body composition” means, then the results of our first contest are going to blow your mind: Josh Ketter, the overall men’s winner, and Ryan Cochrane, one of the top finalists, only lost one pound.

You might be thinking, “what kind of weird body transformation contest were you running where the winner and the finalists only drop a pound?”

Well, it might seem weird if you thought success at body transformation ONLY meant dropping large amounts of weight on the scale, but…

2What About The Difference
Between Fat Loss and Weight Loss?

What if you gain muscle while losing weight? Think about this – if you gain muscle in a weight loss contest, you get penalized, right? But shouldn’t you be REWARDED for gaining muscle as well as burning fat? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate prize?

That’s the fatal flaw of “weight loss” contests: Most people are obsessed with scale weight but don’t pay any attention to their body composition – the all-important fat-to-muscle ratio.

Of course, some of the contestants in our Burn The Fat Challenge Transformation contest DID drop a lot of weight – 14, 19, even 26 lbs in only 7 weeks. But the person who dropped the most pounds was NOT necessarily voted the winner.

Some contestants became winners because they made astonishing improvements in their muscle to fat ratio, even though they didn’t lose much weight.

This was an amazing revelation to hundreds of people who entered our competition, and here’s why:

For years, most people – even the experts – believed that it was impossible to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously, so the possibility was ignored and “pursuit of the grail” wasn’t even on their radar.

They Were All Wrong! Not Only Is It Possible To
Gain Muscle And Lose Fat Simultaneously, You’re About To Learn Exactly How It Is Done!

Josh only lost a pound because the solid new muscle weight replaced the fat weight. As you can see from his beach picture, that left him with a lean, muscular and head-turning body…

But Josh isn’t the only person to achieve an impressive body composition transformation.

In the before and after photos to the right – snapped just 7 weeks apart – take a look at how Ryan stripped off 8 pounds of fat and replaced almost all of it with solid muscle.

The increase in muscle size and fullness is striking… but the scale hardly changed at all!

If Ryan had only been thinking about “weight loss” rather than body composition transformation, he never would have enjoyed these eye-popping results.

Best part: this “body composition transformation” system works wonders for women too!

How Gaining Muscle While Losing Fat Helps
Women Get Fit, Sexy and Bikini-Ready

Not only does this body transformation system work for women too, replacing fat with muscle is EXACTLY what most women need, but aren’t getting, because most women are worried about getting “bulky.”

Women who don’t train for more muscle are making a BIG mistake! If you strip off fat AT THE SAME TIME as you put on lean muscle, you don’t get bulky – you get strong and sexy!

Let me prove it with some before and after photos of our female Burn The Fat Challenge finalists who stripped off fat, and by adding a little bit of muscle in just the right places, sculpted beautifully toned, sexy bodies.

She cut almost 10 pounds of fat while gaining a pound of muscle. And remember, this was achieved in just 50 days.

Even more impressive, Danielle was working up to 12 hours a day with a long commute and shift work. With that kind of stress, most people have plenty of excuses to blow off working out and eating healthy.

When the Burn The Fat Challenge contest was issued, she jumped at the opportunity to transform herself and in just 7 weeks, made a remarkable shift from fat to muscle.

The Myth About Women And Gaining Muscle

Danielle’s results show that women can quickly add lean muscle while losing fat, and that adding muscle in the right places makes women look leaner, sexier and more feminine! The idea that women who gain muscle will look bulky or masculine is completely false (except for women who take anabolic steroid drugs, and I would NEVER recommend that!)

Of course, Danielle only gained a pound of muscle, so you might be wondering, “what if she gained as much muscle as Josh or Ryan? Wouldn’t that make a woman look manly?

Glad you asked. Look at Sarah’s before and after photos below. This lays to rest that notion that weight training and building lean muscle makes women bulky. Her body transformation pics also reveal why the scale can play tricks on you…

This Is What Adding Lean Muscle Can Do
For The Female Figure!

Sarah’s before and after pictures speak for themselves.

Take note especially of the muscle Sarah added to her shoulders and arms. Take a close look at the numbers too:

She actually GAINED a pound of bodyweight according to the scale, increasing from 119 to 120 pounds, BUT her body fat decreased from 19% to a ripped 12.6%.

That’s a 7.9 pound GAIN in lean body mass and a 7 pound loss of body fat!

Bulky? Manly? I don’t think so!

3 Things You Must Know To Make
Body Transformations Like These

My fat burning programs have helped dozens of men and women lose over 100 pounds, and up to as much as 256 pounds. Why then, did I show you the success stories above instead of 100+ pound massive weight loss stories?

There are 3 major reasons:

1. I wanted you to see real-world proof that it IS possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time…
2. I wanted you to realize the difference between weight loss and fat loss…
3. I wanted you to finally give up the notion that weight loss is the only goal that matters

You may have a lot of weight to lose (body fat), but weight loss is not all there is to a body transformation.

Many people are not seriously overweight, but they are seriously unhappy because their body is soft and flabby without tone and firmness. Fat loss with muscle gain is exactly what these people need.

You’ve probably been told for years that it’s impossible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, but that’s a load of bull! If you couldn’t achieve this elusive goal in the past, it’s simply because you didn’t have the right nutritional strategies.

The best part is, once you understand how to use these techniques for simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain, you can also use them if your goal is strictly fat loss. How? By using even one or two of these techniques, you’ll be able to hold onto every ounce of your precious muscle tissue when you’re dieting.

And if your goal is muscle gain, but you want to avoid gaining “bulk” (adding fat with the muscle), this new approach works brilliantly for gaining pure solid lean muscle, without fat gain.

In summary, when you use my new transformation system, it will allow you to:

* Lose fat without losing muscle
* Gain muscle without gaining fat
* Gain muscle and lose fat at the same time!

Maybe you’re thinking, “wait a minute, I thought it was impossible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time? Don’t you need a calorie deficit to burn fat and a calorie surplus to build muscle?”

Well, yes – calories do matter – but it’s much more complicated than just calories because of factors such as within-day energy balance, hormonal response and “energy partitioning.”

I’ve been studying these complex interactions of nutrition and training with metabolism and hormones for almost 21 years, but I was just like you – I was equally skeptical that significant concurrent muscle gains and fat losses could be achieved by anyone other than genetic superiors or performance-enhancing drug users.

Losing fat is a frustrating challenge for millions of overweight people. Building muscle is downright HARD to do as well, and thousands of bodybuilders and athletes struggle for years to make gains. Doing BOTH at the same time is near impossible unless you know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

The HOLY GRAIL is the type of strategic program that you NEVER discover casually on your own. It’s the result of meticulous scientific investigation combined with years of experimentation, testing and tweaking. If you get lucky and “accidentally” gain muscle while losing fat, you’ll have no clue how you did it, which means you won’t be able to do it again and you won’t be able to explain how you did it to others.

If you want the shortest, fastest, straightest path to muscle building and fat burning success, you need a guide…a plan, a roadmap… and the Holy Grail e-book is it.

If you’re serious about physique transformation, then grabbing a copy of The Holy Grail Body Transformation system is a no brainer decision. And to sweeten the deal, I’ve built two fantastic bonuses right into the Holy Grail program:

Tom Venuto’s NEW WORKOUT SYSTEM – “TNB” Training – As Seen in Men’s Fitness Magazine is the perfect way to train while following the Holy Grail nutrition plan and it works like a charm for women too (FREE! Inside the bonus section of the e-book)

You may have no interest in bodybuilding, however, you probably wouldn’t mind adding a little more muscle and sculpting a physique that’s both strong and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, like some of the top physique athletes and fitness champs.

Bodybuilding training is not for everyone, but it does takes a very specialized program to develop a symmetrical, beautifully-proportioned physique and everyone can take some hints from physique athletes. On the other hand, training like a pro bodybuilder is a prescription for failure for the average person.

Finally, there’s a new approach to building a classical physique that borrows a few old school muscle techniques and combines it with a new approach for regular guys and gals. It’s called, “The New Bodybuilding” (TNB training) and it’s yours FREE with the Holy Grail program

This program would be worth every penny even if it cost a few hundred dollars. Frankly, this program is priceless because the information is so rare. You simply cannot get this information anywhere else. But, I’m not going to charge you hundreds of dollars, or even $97.00.

The price of the complete Holy Grail Body Transformation System is only $49.97

This program has been a best-kept secret for nearly a year now, available only to my Inner Circle members and a small group of people who have been testing out the original 1st edition for the past several months. This is the first time the new Holy Grail 2.0 edition has been released to the public…

Finally, the Holy Grail program is now available to you!

Because it’s so new, we are keeping the price down initially to get as many people onboard as possible, so we can collect even more case study results, success stories and testimonials. Once we have all the feedback we need, I can’t guarantee how much longer the price will be this low.

This is your chance to be a first-mover, to start using these techniques before anyone else does and be a part of our first group of mega-success stories.