What is The One Habit You Changed that Led to Healthy Weight Loss?

What is The One Habit You Changed that Led to Healthy Weight Loss?

Though strongly discouraged by most gurus, recording and charting my weight daily was the single most effective weight loss habit that worked for me.

Yes, the results CAN be demotivating at times. Nevertheless, it was immensely effective because:

It keeps you motivated for the long run.
The single reason most weight loss plans do not work out, is that they require long term commitment. The human brain is wired to expect immediate results. Once the initial motivational rush dies down, its very easy to procrastinate and fall back to your old lifestyle. Weighting myself made me concentrate in maintaining my current weight as opposed to losing it.

It keeps you motivated to adapt many healthy habits
When finally the weight started falling off, I started adopting a myriad of healthier habits-all very gradually. For example: light dinners, more water, walking more. I was amazed how these simple changes helped as opposed to working out in the gym!

You start understanding your body better
With time, I started noticing patterns in how my body lost weight. I started being unfazed with sudden weight spikes and plateaus. I realized what worked for me and what did not. Overall, I understood my body and myself better.